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Video Security Systems

Customizable video surveillance is available for your security needs in both analog and digital format.  A variety of cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

The easy to use interface provides access to “live” data from an HDMI TV and computer monitor.  It also provides access to video data as needed.  In addition, these systems offer remote surveillance via Smartphones and tablets.

Why Video Surveillance?

Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your place of business is a benefit of video surveillance. It is no longer necessary to sift through archival footage to find what you need; instead watch incidents in the moment they happen.  With remote video monitoring, you can view it all from the convenience of your mobile device where ever you are, allowing you to monitor your business while you are away.

Theft Reduction

Surveillance cameras are a great way to both prevent and reduce theft. Just the presence of security cameras is sometimes enough for a potential thief to reconsider their plan. With a surveillance system in place, theft incidents can be reduced  saving your business money by keeping your business secure.

Resolve Conflicts

When the company has a security camera system installed, resolving conflicts between employees or customers and employees becomes easier to do.  It is helpful for the business to be able to review video of an instance and come to a decision on how best to proceed.

Improved Safety

Security cameras can monitor employees while they’re working alone on the factory floor. Should an accident occur, a surveillance system can provide an alert to assist the employee involved.


Access Control

An advantage to utilizing surveillance systems is the ability to monitor which individuals have access to your business. With a surveillance system, you can easily and immediately identify who is arriving or leaving your location at any time, ensuring that your workplace remains secure.

Improve Productivity

Keep employees focused on their tasks…when they know the boss is watching, they are less likely to slack.  Video surveillance also allows different departments to collaborate more easily which can increase business productivity.  

Helpful Evidence

A video surveillance system is able to provide investigators with valuable evidence in criminal cases. Grainy footage is no longer an issue.  Now most security cameras have high resolutions that can detect the tiniest details to aid investigators and apprehend the individuals responsible.

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